Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bloody Reverie

Dancing under the snow
on a very serendipity place
she fell under the spell of love

Hopes invaded her veins
as she drank the illusion of love
unknowing of the venom & taint

Her dreams merged with his
A life together
under a snowy February sky

Broken dreams
turned to horror
Ashes of hope is left

Stranded of her dreams
only tears merge with her heart
far away from the source

Her abating heart
watching him from the distance
give their dreams to another

Dreaming like a girl
so in love with a deceiving one

Surrogate of her own life
Refuge of her dreams

She feels like Alice in Wonderland
trapped in a place nobody wants her

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Paroxysm awake me
Feels like a thousand blades
tearing me from the inside out

I try to move
but there's something silky
it feels warm and perilous

Sharp agony invades
moist touch, metallic air, cardinal stain
bathing my loins

I welcome trepidation
as it all goes clouded
but all I see are lights

Strange words awake me
while I'm being move:
dilatation, curettage, termination

Numbness invades me
as the source of pain metamorphose
A reality hard to grasp

I call your name
but you're no way to be found
as I'm entering a twilight sleep


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Remember Me

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land

Remember me with love,
Think of our happy times

Remember me with a smile,
The tears with time will go away

Remember me like the gentle breeze,
That will be me, there with you

Remember me like the Midnight Sun,
Bathing you with my light in the middle of night

Remember me with the Rainbow,
Someday after crossing the bridge I'll welcome you

Remember me and believe,
You're forever in my heart

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I loathe You, No I Hate You

Sometimes you do not realize the depth a feeling inside us can be, is rare, we no longer have the same feelings as before, but when you externalize it you realize the ominous feeling: hatred, resentment, bitterness. All because of an unfair the pain caused on us, difficult to overcome and forget. For when your pride and soul are hurt, and break into pieces, is the worst that can happen to you.

But how to stop hating the person who hurt you so much without reason? How to forgive? If all he did was to poison your life with his absurd  complex and selfish whims.

After an experience like this, the only thing you want, is that that person never existed in our lives. because it is only slag, the worst garbage in the world; How much hate? That is inspired and nurtured, with the attitudes of an unhappy being that needed to feel superior to feel special and destroy whatever is good around him. What kind of person is this? It's only walking feces through the underworld of mediocre, despicable without essence, full of infamy, no heart or soul. Just have a great emptiness inside who needs to ruin the lives of others to feel better. Gives you a Juda's kiss and eat your purity.

Rotten bug, human vomit, ordinary hypocrisy, I'm sick, really tired of this vile! Go to hell and let me be in peace!

Sometimes it is difficult to capture everything one needs to exploit, one could write books about a single experience, because feelings are so complex that sometimes one cannot understand.

We need an emotional vent to externalize the infernal grief you ever suffer.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Broken Heart

I renounce to you and all, I give up.
Consider this my farewell, love.
You are doing me much harm with “This Situation”.
Much more than you or anybody can imagine.

I am not me without you anymore,
but I can not resist this present version of yourself.
My life is spiraling out of control, a chaos without your love.
I want to run away from myself to feel you no more.

The same number of days since your arbitrary decision
I have sobbed myself to sleep.
I can not sleep, I can not eat, I can not concentrate,
and I can not help trying to understand how suddenly you changed.

Our love gave my life sense to exist, to fight
To plan a future that loomed before you.
End of May, last time you said “I love you” and “I adore you”.
Those words were as easy as breathing for you…

What has changed since that day?
What did I do to fall crazy in love like that and lose it all?
You deny it, but you are now dull, isolated, withdrawn
Not even as friends you treated me like that.

You are not the same; you have changed… 
Something changed on you.
I do not recognize you anymore.
You brought me out of you, closed the door.

I have given you all the best of me,
Even what I had not given before.
And you have not even stopped a second,
To think about what I feel.

I now painfully understand,
You not only do not love me
Or have never loved me.
But you are either interested… to be.

Strong it hurts my heart like a dagger,
But you not love me, anymore, maybe never.
I am left alone watching the void left by your decision.
Day after day, night after night, nothing, nothing in this life.

While you talk of glories to come,
Those you used to shared with me,
Now stripped me of being your ally, your partner, and confident
Without the right to negotiation.

Condemned to see you from a distant
And hear you in a third person
The pain you have given me has no consolation
My soul cries desperately and you do not want to listen.

My mood is nonexistent.
You have worn out my desires and dreams.
Dethroned to the most severe wreck of my soul.
Waiting for you to say something, something you do not want to say.

Now everything is dark, nothing matters,
Who cares about today, tomorrow or a month?
I will invest in whatever, whoever,
Just to tear my heart and erase your footprints.

I want to find another love
And lose it immediately,
To forget your memories that hurt me so much
To forget you for a lifetime.

I live because I survive,
Because even when I do not want to,
I am in charge of me.
I am alive but afraid to live or die in life.

I will dishonor the temple I had just for you,
I will accept whatever offer I received…
Roam in the walls of my soul,
Searching what never will arrive or find

This is my punishment for giving you my unconditional love.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Imposed solitude that accompanies me
Dry my tears, talk to me
With their silent language, selective
Says nothing, and shatters loudly my soul.

Humbles me and held me
It keeps me captive from my happiness
Imprisoned with my own thoughts
Don't know if mine or from my loneliness.

Accomplice of his unfair exploits have been
Now I walk ragged, discouraged
With so many naked desires
I look down in defeat.

A life deserted and depopulated
With a constant and repeated monologue
Victim of a cruel forgetfulness
What you know about me?

If you have stripped me of my heaven
And left me in an agonizing hell
This loneliness will be my faithful lover
In this meaningless existence ...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Empty Bed

There's room to move in this empty bed
but feelings of you not there makes me lay and stare into space
Stare at the ceiling and imagine things that could happen

I know it would be a lot better if I got over this phase.
In this empty bed I still toss and turn
Just even thinking of you my heart pounds with a burn

Never in my heart have I felt this pounding
Laying alone with the Moon shining through
I wish the next day would hurry up soon

I'm thinking of a way to cure this tense felling
but all I'm doing is staring at the ceiling
with the feeling of my heart and this glass of wine

As I lay here I wonder if you even miss me.
I don't even have to close my eyes to see you
My vision is distinctly clear

As the next day comes I lay with fear
Then I start to shed a tear
This empty bed, this cold and empty bed

Friday, July 2, 2010

An Angel Never Dies

Something stopped my heart
But even when I was not born
I felt each unknown tender you gave me
And I love you from the beginning

Even when you cannot touch my body
It does not mean I am gone

I know your soul pain
What you are forced to face
But I will fill your empty arms
Someday we will embrace

People will tell you it was meant to be
That things happens for a reason
But that will not soften your sorrow
Or make your heart not ache

I am watching over you
Believe me when I say
That I am always there

It will come a time I promise
When you will hold my hand
Caress my face and kiss my lips

Even when I never breath your air
Or looked into your eyes
It does not mean I never was
An Angel never dies

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Art of Being Amazing Each Day

Be aware of yourself.
Be responsive of the present moment.
As difficult as it sounds.
Focus on what you’re currently doing.

Live in the now.
This is the only moment that really exist
See how truly spectacular this place of being really is.
At this very moment, you will.

Shine bright.
From a very egoless place.
From your inner spirit, inside you.
The light comes from your way of looking at life.

Share this light with others.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Honor and respect every single person you meet with.
Bring out the spectacular light in other people.

Be this Light.
Simply be truly and authentically you.
Step into this awareness right now on a daily basis.
Achieving this is the real art.

Friday, May 28, 2010

He Will Carry Me

I love my mother

I am looking for a card for her,
But I could not find an appropriate one

I had to leave her,
And no matter where I reside now
She talks to me, dreams with me

My mother carries me in her heart,
While her tears she hides from sight
Oh the tears she cried for me,
Sometimes far into the night

I want to find a way to tell her,
How much she means to me
Like the way she writes poems to honor me

But I could not find a card,
From a child who lives in heaven
As I no longer live on Earth

I must find a way,
To remind her of her worth

Find a way to tell her,
How much she means to me

Until I can do it for myself,
When she joins me in eternity